Effective Supervision

Mark Strait

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 Many Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) working in the schools are asked to supervise or mentor others (support personnel, SLP Assistants, graduate externs, clinical fellows, new SLPs, etc.) with little or no training. Being an effective supervisor requires setting common goals, communicating, sharing feedback, and guiding change in behaviors. ASHA’s nine building blocks of supervision will be presented. The session will discuss practical strategies that can be readily implemented for successful supervision in the school setting. 

Instructor Information

Debbie Lozo, ED S, CCC-SLP, Professional Learning Specialist
Jill Fannin, M Ed, CCC-SLP, Clinical Manager
Sarah Jordan, MA, CCC-SLP, Clinical SLP Manager, New Grad Talent and Acquisition Team
Linda Pippert, MA, CCC-SLP, VP of Clinical Operations 

Financial Disclosure: 

Financial Disclosure:  Debbie Lozo, Jill Fannin, Sarah Jordan, and Linda Pippert are employees of The Stepping Stones Group. There are no other relevant financial relationships.

Non-Financial Disclosure: No relevant non-financial relationship exists

Learner Objectives

As a result of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  1. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses in supervision competencies
  2. Identify ASHA’s nine building blocks of supervision
  3. Design a supervision experience that appropriately supports a supervisee including setting expectations,opportunities for communication and feedback, and providing resources


  • 20 minutes:  Introduction to supervision in the schools 
  • 10 minutes:  Self-assessment and discussion 
  • 30 minutes:  ASHA’s building blocks of supervision, 1-5 
  • 30 minutes:  ASHA’s building blocks of supervision, 6- 9 
  • 30 minutes:   Designing the supervisory experience, steps to take in planning, Q & A